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Let’s dump the clichés and make you stand out for who you really are.

Cookie-cutter is for,


Copy isn’t magic. 

But when it comes to booking the clients you want, it’s the next best thing.

Uncomfortable truth: your website probably isn’t the only tab open in your dream client’s browser.

When you surround your (stellar) portfolio with copy that explains what you do, who you do it for, and why booking you is the best decision they’ll ever make…

…all those other tabs will go *poof* and you’ll be the last one standing.

only magic is magic


Mollie Adams

“I was absolutely blown away with your talent for truly making me feel like my best friend wrote this. I felt really taken care of. Once I got the copy, I started crying because it was just so spot on. It was such a relief. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Elopement photographer, Between the Pine

I get to know you and your business                      then write you a website that:

As defined by you: do you need more leads, higher-paying ones, or even fewer but better leads (yup, that’s a thing)?

Delivers the leads you want

In a world of spicy margaritas and French 75s, why not be a Dark and Stormy?

Doesn’t sound like everyone else

But, like, the most charming cocktail-party version of yourself. The way you’d show up if Meghan Markle invited you on her podcast.

Actually sounds like you

inside out,

I get to know you and your business                  
then write you a website that:

Time to Get Creative

Me, tapping away at my keyboard, with a fountain Diet Coke at hand in case of emergencies. At the end, you’ll get SEO-optimized copy that drips charisma, in a designer-friendly format.


Write my website

Craft a Strategy

Your website isn’t just there to look pretty. It has a job to do, and that job is to get you booked. Once I’ve chatted with you + your favorite clients, I’ll cook up can’t-miss messaging and lay it out on the page.


Dial Up Your Voice + Story

Down the rabbit hole we go—I want to know everything about you and your business, from what you listen to when you’re psyching yourself up to the boundaries you absolutely don’t cross. The goal? Copy that sounds just like you, spiced up with your best stories.


The magic formula

Hey, I’m Andrea

When you started your creative business, no one ever told you about all the words you’d have to write…right? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Let me be the bearer of good news: that’s my entire job. Do a deep dive into your business, listen to your favorite clients, and then write your a website that’s both strategic and fun to read.


Website copywriter for audacious creatives


“Finding a copywriter that can match your brand voice is difficult. Finding one that can help make a project a wild success is even more challenging. Andrea was able to do just that (and more).”

YouTuber and founder, Slow Growth

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