I edit content produced for the U.K., Australia, and other English-speaking markets to optimize it for a North American audience.

Two nations separated by a common language.

You’ve heard the old saw before. But there’s plenty of truth to it.

American English differs from that used in the United Kingdom (and elsewhere) in countless ways. Spelling and grammar are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; we also use different vocabulary and have vastly different cultural references. 

So if you’re a British — or Australian, or Singaporean — business looking to connect with American consumers, you want to make sure that you’re speaking their language. 

Whether that means a few small tweaks to spelling, or more sweeping changes, we’ll work together to decide what’s right for you and your business.



Put your message in the spotlight.

American readers can read texts that use UK spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But do you really want them to notice every time they read colour instead of color

Of course not. You’d rather engage them with your content and your brand.

Be unique—but understandable.

You want your American customers to have the same experience that the ones in your home country get.

Tweak cultural references so they know what you’re talking about (or maybe leave a few so they can soak up a bit of British cool or Australian swagger).

Avoid causing offense.

It might sound paranoid, but some words and phrases that are common currency elsewhere in the English-speaking world will raise the hackles of an American reader.

You need someone in tune with American culture to scan your text and make sure it’s free of potential issues.

Optimize your web presence.

If your clients find you online, you’ve spent hours fine-tuning your SEO strategy. 

When you’re looking to expand your reach into the American market, you want to make sure that there’s a version of your website (and your ads) that uses the terminology that Americans are searching for.

Ready to ensure that your English-language customers can get to know your brand on their terms?

Get in touch.

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