Turns out, writing your own About page
is hard—even when                                       
is your literal job title.


"website copywriter"

Turns out, writing your own About page is hard—even when

is your literal job title.

Three more things you should know about me:

  • I’ll never use an English word when a French one will do
  • I don’t drink coffee, and it’s all because of a bumpy flight home from Honolulu at the age of 9
  • I physically can’t wink, even if it is just as simple as closing one eye at a time

and also: copywriter for creative types who want website copy that pops off the page and sticks with their dream clients long enough to get them booked.

                                     chronic overthinker, ex-project manager, semi-pro nap taker, power user of Succession GIFs. 

Hey, I’m Andrea:


How We Got to This Point

Before I ended up as one, my knowledge of copywriters was limited to half-watching Mad Men episodes (and thinking that I sure would like a couch in my office for mid-afternoon naps).

Instead, I finished grad school and took my degree in literary translation—more on that in a minute—to work for a company that translated websites. Among other things, I got a crash course in SEO, read dozens of style guides, and learned how to manage a feedback call with 10 stakeholders in 4 time zones (not recommended).

…and then I had a baby and decided in short order not to return to corporate life, so I had to figure out what came next.

I started out as a translator, but gradually made the shift to copywriting.

Turns out that literary translation is a note-perfect background for a copywriter, especially one who’s obsessed with voice & personality. 

These days, I write bold, evocative website copy for photographers, wedding vendors, and other creative service providers who want to stop sounding like everyone else in their niche.

Perfect for you if...

We’ll go together like a glass of rosé and a bowl of potato chips if…

It’s not copy OR design. If you want results, it’s both.

You want pretty words to match your 🔥 aesthetic.

If you’re not comfortable working with clients who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or of different faiths, we’re probably not a match.

You walk the walk when it comes to inclusivity.

You want to show up as yourself online.

Whether you want to put it all out there or cultivate a mystique, the goal is to create something that feels natural to you.

Want copy so engaging (and so you) that you’re gonna want to print it out and hang it on your office wall?

make it happen