Translations for Marketers

Lots of companies make the mistake of thinking that they can have someone who knows a little English do their translation — or they use Google Translate.

But discerning American customers are wary of committing when faced with less-than-perfect English. Keep them interested in what you have to offer with English marketing materials that capture your voice perfectly.

I focus on the industries below so that I can keep up with ever-shifting trends and new terminology—and because I'm passionate about them.

I'll use precise, creative language to charm your potential American customers — and make them remember you.

Your voice —
in English.

You've heard the adage a hundred times: content is king. I'm here to help you deliver the quality English-language content that your American audience demands.

Beauty & Skin Care

You need a translator who knows the difference between lip gloss and lip stain, or between an ampoule, a serum and an essence.

I'm always scouring beauty-related subreddits, blogs, and Instagram accounts to stay up to date with what's trending among American beauty junkies.

Education & Study Abroad

Whether you're offering conferences, e-learning, or study abroad experiences, you need to ensure that your English-language content reflects the quality of your programming — and that it uses the correct terminology to stand out in a crowded field.

Fashion & Luxury Goods

The secret to good fashion-related translation is threefold: elegant, descriptive language; judicious use of SEO terms; and intimate knowledge of the target market.

Whether you want to translate web or catalog copy, or to develop relationships with English-language influencers to grow your brand, I'm here to help.

Sports & Fitness

There's an entire constellation of fitness programs out there. When you need potential English-speaking clients to find you, you want to make sure you're using the same vocabulary that they do to talk about working out.

Travel & Tourism

High-end travel customers expect a seamless experience from their very first moment of content onwards. They want to know exactly what's on the menu at dinner, what treatments are available in the spa, and whether that delicious-looking breakfast buffet is included in their room price.

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