Helping you connect with your target audience in the U.S.

You've already done the heavy lifting: you started a business, wrote a book or an article, developed a website. I'm here to make it easy for you to extend your reach into the U.S. with clear, easy-to-read English content that will make you stand out from the pack.

Spanish to English Translation

Whether you're creating content in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, or somewhere in between, I can transform your Spanish marketing collateral, articles, and more into polished, ready-to-go English.

Portuguese to English Translation

You offer the best yoga retreats in Brazil - or have the most chic pousada in Portugal - but you don't have the English-language marketing materials to reel in customers. That's where I come in.


American customers want to buy your shoes, but they don't understand why they get flat shoes when they click on "pumps." Things are different across the pond - I'll help you understand how.


Sometimes it's good to start fresh. Let's work together to create compelling, readable English content: blog posts, case studies, website copy, and more.

Struggling to find your voice in English?

I can help.

My name is Andrea Shah, and I'm a translator working from Spanish and Portuguese into my native language, English, as well as a copywriter. I specialize in marketing, travel and tourism, fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and more.

I hold an MFA from the Translation Workshop at the University of Iowa, and a BA in Romance Languages from New York University. I also have over 7 years of experience in the localization industry working with Fortune 500 clients as well as other globally recognizable brands.

Let's figure out how we can work together to make your English-language content perfect.

Andrea Shah - image in circle